Who we are

Our team is here to do 2 things. 1: Stop scam. 2: Get you paid for your data.

Adrian Garcia, Ph.D.


The guy who hates scams and phone spam. He has sworn an oath to destroy them.
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Nico Torteli


A 3x mobile money & telecom startup founder from Brazil.
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Vijay Jain

Technical Advisor

Working by day in Silicon Valley & advising a startup by night.
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Dan Jenkins

Sales/Marketing Advisor

The entrepreneurial spirit who has sold more tech than you can imagine.
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Jason Civalleri

FinTech/Legal Advisor

The man with a "Dr. Jekyll" attorney persona and a "Mr. Hyde" move fast and break things character.
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Peter Gluck

IP Strategy Advisor

The IP wizard who moves time and space to make our IP moats wider and more treacherous to cross.
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