It's safe to answer your phone again.

Imagine being able to hang up on a spam phone call and forcing the caller to pay you for it! Get immediate financial revenge against spammers who waste your time. Join us in the fight against malicious phone spammers by downloading KarmaCall today.
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Your Refundable Paywall. Your KarmaCall.

Get paid

For every call we reject, you get paid Nano. Instantly. Cash-out at any time.

End robocalls

Spammers depend on you answering your phone. As long as your phone number works, you will get spam calls. We can stop that.

Take back your data

Your data is valuable. We make sure you get paid for your data and time.


Limited time investment opportunities!

20,000+ payments have been made for rejected calls so far.
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How it works


KarmaCall is powered by FynCom's technology.
Build your own nanopayments app with FynCom's API.

Who we are

Our team is here to do 2 things. 1: Stop spam. 2: Get you paid for your data.

Adrian Garcia, Ph.D.


The guy who hates spam and has sworn to destroy it.
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Christian Rodriguez

Lead Engineer

A performant perfectionist with a knack for code and an eye for design.
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Dan Jenkins

Sales/Marketing Advisor

The entrepreneurial spirit who has sold more tech than you can imagine.
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Jason Civalleri

FinTech/Legal Advisor

The man with a "Dr. Jekyll" attorney persona and a "Mr. Hyde" move fast and break things character.
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Peter Gluck

IP Strategy Advisor

The IP wizard who moves time and space to make our IP moats wider and more treacherous to cross.
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Vijay Jain

Technical Advisor

Working by day in Silicon Valley & advising a startup by night.
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Be part of the Data Revolution

Fight back against scammers who steal billions of dollars every year from vulnerable people.

Our mission is to create a privacy focused market that financially rewards all its participants and is strengthened by numbers. Through KarmaCall, data control becomes your commodity which you can sell or keep to yourself. We believe the future of great businesses is in shared prosperity and that requires that you are financially compensated for your data and time.

"We will give you power over your most precious commodity. Your Time."
- Dr. Adrian Garcia


More frequently asked questions

What if a good call is blocked?

They will still be able to leave you a voicemail.

What countries do you support?

Every country and anybody with a smart phone.

What are you doing with my data?

The default option is full privacy. We do not sell your data or phone numbers. We do not use ads on our website or in our app. We give you a personal paywall. It is up to you to decide whether you want to engage with any businesses that want to pay you for your time over the phone, or whether you would rather just hang up on them and collect their deposit! If businesses start losing money every time they call you, they will eventually stop calling you. We want to give you power over your data and how it is used. If anyone should be making money from your data, it is YOU. By joining KarmaCall, you are becoming a part of the data revolution.

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