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Mobile Application

Simple, transparent pricing.

Take back control over your time and your attention. Get paid to bring peace to your mind.It costs us more to work with the strong privacy stance of iOS.Set your own rates!
Ignore unknown calls that have not made a cash depositThese calls are immediately sent to your voicemail.
Get paid per blocked callEach time you block a call, we pay you instantly.
Allow cash callsCallers that have previously made a cash deposit can ring your phone.
Use our SpamCash timerIf you answer a cash call and the call lasts longer than 25s, the Caller gets a full refund. If you hang up earlier than 25s, you keep 80% of their deposit.
Contacts call freeWe do not charge your contacts to call you... unless you want us to ;)
Set your own paywall ratesDo you want unknown callers to risk more than $0.05 for the chance to speak with you? Set your own rates!
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